Human Resources and Business – the Perfect Combo!

A double diploma in Human Resources and Business is the perfect diploma for the ‘people person’, who is looking for a role running the business! This diploma from National Training means you get all the training for a role in Human Resources, whilst also gaining a valuable insight into business operations and management. 


This diploma could land you in a well remunerated role that transcends borders! This is because HR by itself has great earning potential and has strong job opportunities. HR, however, coupled with business means that you could be the HR Manager who is comfortable leading people and running the business! By combining two valuable skill sets, this diploma is set to only increase your employability.

This diploma combines crucial business skills, such as managing budgets and financial plans, managing business risk and leading communication in the workplace, whilst balancing core HR principles. These include managing recruitment and onboarding, managing employee and industrial relations, and facilitating performance development processes! 


This diploma opens the potential for such a wide range of career opportunities, including those that focus just on HR, or just on business operations, but also those that combine both skill sets! Some of these roles include:

  • Roles at Fair Work Australia. 
  • Human Resource Manager. 
  • HR Manager Compensation and Benefits.
  • Business Manager or Supervisor. 
  • Team leader in HR or in the business. 
  • HR Manager Training and Development. 
  • HR Manager Employee Relations. 
  • HR Manager Recruitment and Selection. 

Have a look at our double diploma in Human Resources and Business today!

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