How to Find a Good Mentor

A mentor while you are studying can push you to do great things in your life. They can help formulate the building blocks of your career. Finding a mentor does not have to be difficult, more than often many people are eager to volunteer their time to help you begin your career journey. This is since majority of people have been in the same situation or have had similar questions regarding career paths. 

Formal mentorship programs can be found on most university and college programs, start by heading to a career office or emailing a representative of the school regarding questions about mentorship programs. 


Informal mentorship can also be a great option for those who are after a casual arrangement. Start by watching LinkedIn circles and following companies that you are interested in working in and following representatives of that company. By building a bigger social network circle you widen the opportunities for mentorships. 

A mentor is great way to get a feel of your future career path, advice is free and people are eager to share their knowledge and experience, so go out start building your blocks. 

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