Here’s Why Millennials Are Choosing to Study Online Rather than on Campus

Here’s all you need to know why millennials now prefer to study online instead of on campus.

These days, it seems that millennials are finding a new and improved way to study a course or degree. Online studying has increased drastically in the last few years and it seems to be the way of the future, especially with millennials. There are a number of reasons why millennials are choosing to study online instead of on campus and here are a few main examples.


A lot of people see millennials as the lazy and entitled generation, so it would be no surprise at all if they saw studying online as lazy and unprofessional instead of convenient and accessible. However, studying online is proven to be much more convenient than studying on campus, which is one of the reasons why the millennials have decided to take this on board. They can study at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home and environment. There’s no need to worry about early morning lectures or busy tutorials, they are able to fit in their studies at a time that best suits them and their schedules.

Save Money on Travelling

Another reason why millennials are choosing to study online is to save on the cost of travelling to campus, as well as spending money on petrol, parking, public transport, food, drinks, et cetera. The beauty about studying online is that it can be all done from a desk at home without having to drive a car, pay a parking fee, take a train or buy a sandwich and coffee. With the cost of living and paying rent, studying online allows millennials to save more money and spend less on all of these ‘unnecessary’ items and expenses.

Better Suits Their Already Busy Lifestyle

Most people have a demanding and busy lifestyle, no matter what age so this is why studying online is suitable for millennials who already have such busy lifestyles and schedules. It’s very rare nowadays for millennials not to have a part time or even full time job while maintaining full time or part time study. Unless they are lucky to have wealthy parents who are able to provide and help them with everyday expenses, having a job is a must in order to live and afford to pay for course fees, textbooks and stationery. What’s also great about studying online is the 24/7 access, so millennials are not having to worry about strict deadlines and certain class times. They can log in at any time of the day allowing them to enjoy a flexible schedule and lifestyle.

Millennials that choose to study online should not be slammed for their decision. Instead, they should be encouraged and rewarded for their efforts to study a course and get qualified in their desired career choice all while maintaining a hectic lifestyle.

Can you think of other reasons why millennials are studying online? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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