Catchup on study over the Easter Break

Getting Ahead Over Easter

With the Easter break nearly upon us, it’s time to utilise your time off and get ahead!

Easter long weekend is here and everyone is sighing with relief, four whole days off to see how many hot cross buns your body can handle. During the Easter weekend it’s almost expectant that you overindulge and relax, but with that many days off, why not get productive, even if it’s only for a day.

Utilise the break you have and why not make it a National Training weekend? Okay, maybe not the whole weekend, it’s still so important to spend time with your family over the break. National Training was created to help you balance different aspects of your life and ensure you don’t miss out on important occasions.

Treat yourself, and then test yourself! Getting extra assignments done, catching up on work, or simply getting ahead with your diploma could make a big difference. The constant tug of war between work, study and your social life can be eased this long weekend.

This weekend is an opportunity to set yourself up for the next month, whatever you do this weekend, brings you that much closer to being qualified. An extra day or two over the Easter break might not seem like much, but in a month if you’re feeling burnt out, it gives you the opportunity to take a step back and relax. It will ease your peace of mind in the future, as oppose to rushing around, trying to complete assignments and barely getting them finished. We don’t want you to compromise the quality of your work and least of all, stress yourself out.

We recommend you sit down with a goal in mind, make a list and every time you complete a task… have a chocolate egg! It’ll give you something to work for and hopefully keep you on track.

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