Get The Career Advice You Need Thanks To National Training

Get The Career Advice You Need Thanks To National Training

It is a service that is offered during high school, university and other forms of study, but very few of us well and truly utilise the help of a quality career counsellor throughout our education.

While many of us feel secure in our career judgment and progression, there is no denying that some quality career advice never goes astray. Thanks to National Training’s new career coach service, you now have access to meaningful career advice that can help lead you in the right direction.

Our qualified and experienced career coach will provide you with tailored advice that is focussed on you getting the most out of your career. You can receive help in identifying the right career options and paths for you, or gain insight into the best courses and qualifications you need to complete to get you to the career place you want to be. Our career coach can also help you ascertain where your course can take you, from potential jobs to industry options.

Still unsure? Here is what National Training’s new career coach can do to help you secure the job and career you desire.


Identify your options

Deciding how to utilise your qualification in the real world can be daunting when you have so many options available. Our career coach can help you identify where your qualification can take you, citing potential job opportunities and alternative industries to find the right career fit for you. Alternatively, National Training’s career advice service can provide you with insight into how you can change direction or take the next step in your current career.


Determine your strengths and interests

Unsure of which course to study, let alone which career you should explore? Our career coach can use a range of tools and assessments to work which jobs, industries and career paths will best match your skills, strengths and interests.


Progress towards your career goals

Once National Training’s career coach has helped you identify your ideal job path, they can continue to work with you to set and progress towards specific career goals. Our career advice service will provide you with the insight you need to take the necessary steps towards achieving the milestones and goals in your career.


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