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Almost everyone has had their life changed by an educator. When the going gets tough at school, sometimes you need a bit of help from someone who truly believes in education, and whose primary goal in life is to help people learn. It’s important that the world’s future educators are truly passionate about what they are doing, and genuinely believe in what they are teaching. And if you have had your fair share of premium educators and think that it’s something you might want to consider, then becoming a qualified trainer and assessor could lead you to becoming one of Australia’s future educators.

Teaching can be an arduous profession, and one that takes long years of study and university, and if you’d rather work with adults than with children, then that role might not be what you’re after. But training and assessing is important throughout all phases of life, and there are plenty of opportunities for your to pursue a career as an educator across a range of fields, working with more mature, sensible students. You’ll have the opportunity to teach people who really want to learn, with subject matter that will be fascinating to both student and teacher.

Working in training and assessment still requires qualifications, of course, but at a fraction of the time spent gaining a teaching degree, you can pursue your future as an educator n just a few months. Through a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with National Training, you can get started as a trainer in just a few short months, and start shaping the minds of young Australians with new, brilliant ideas. You can help give them the chance at a brighter future and hone your own skills along the way, developing your communication skills and leadership abilities.

But we all know that education always comes at a cost, and often the price tag is quite hefty. A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can set you back over a thousand dollars, and even if it is worth it in the long run, it can be hard to justify such an investment. Coming up with that kind of money can be a stretch no matter the timing, but National Training believes in the power of education, and we want to give you the best chance to be the trainers and educators that Australia needs.

We’ve come up with fully funded scholarships that will completely cover the costs of your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, so all you need to worry about is getting qualified. To ease the pressure off your shoulders, these government-funded scholarships will cover everything from administrative fees to the total overall fee for your course, and you might be eligible. To fit our criteria, you firstly need to be over eighteen, an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and currently living in Victoria, so contact us today to see if we could help you get qualified with a fully funded course!

The future minds of Australia are in your hands, so get started today.

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