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Why Are All My Friends Starting Businesses?

Surely we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed a surge in young people joining the entrepreneurial bandwagon today. Young people around the country are starting their own companies, from shops, to labels to independent zines.

From this, it seems that millennials are more invested in leading themselves than looking for a stable income and 9-5 office job. Which comes as a surprise considering the stats showing most start-ups are expected to fail.

So what is it exactly that’s surging this increase in small businesses?


There’s nothing else to do

It doesn’t take a professional to know that the job market isn’t looking too promising for young people. With a higher number of graduates looking for work than ever before, and a much smaller number of jobs open, the demand for skilled, trained, qualified and experiences individuals is higher than ever.

Most graduates won’t find work within their first year after graduating, and a lot of young people working have jobs that they’re overqualified for. So, during those months of almost guaranteed unemployment, doesn’t it make sense to just give a start-up a go? They’ve got nothing to lose after all.


They value freedom

A 9-5 job is just that. You work the hours you’re assigned and you go home when you’ve completed them.

Millennials no longer aspire to security and reliability, but freedom, flexibility and fun. It’s very hard to work hard at a desk with this mantra, and it’s exactly why so many people are now afraid of falling into this type of career.

Founding your own business means things are done on your own terms. But remember, this doesn’t mean it’s easier. You may not have to be up at 7 on a weekday, but it is possible you’ll be staying up until midnight on a Saturday.


They’re looking for more meaning

In the social media age, there’s no denying millennials have a much bigger desire for “meaning”. Millennials feel more inclined to “make a change” in the world, and more and more people feel the desire to prove to their peers and to themselves that they are unique and special (not to say that’s a bad thing).

And what better way to prove that than to start your own company? After all, the millionaires and success stories of our generation aren’t desk-job workers, but visionaries who took the initiative to do their own thing.

Start-ups aren’t easy, and they also aren’t a guarantee. But they sure are exciting, and there’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to an entrepreneurial lifestyle For an entrepreneur, the possibilities are endless.

So should you be jumping on the start-up bandwagon?

There’s a few things that an entrepreneur needs: ambition, driven and passion. And if you have these qualities you may just be the next business success story.

The next step, is learning the right skills.

National Training’s courses such as the Diploma of Business, or the Diploma of Business Administration are 12-month, affordable courses that can help you get a head start on your start up. Plus, it’s all online so you can spend all that spare time planning your brand.

Imagine that? You’re already starting your business while you’re still studying for it.

So check out National Training’s available courses and see where you can take your vision.

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