First Day Stress – How to Handle Starting a New Job

Congratulations! Your new qualifications have landed you the job you wanted. So what now? How do you handle the pressures of the first day to ensure you make a good impression?

Firstly, it’s okay to have nerves, it’d be strange if you didn’t. Secondly, take a deep breath because your qualifications have set you up for success.

An easy way to make a good impression is to arrive on time. Arriving on time says two things; that you are able to organise yourself, and that you respect other people and their time. This is a vital step to a good impression.

Bring something to write on. Show your new employers and colleagues that you are an active listener. You’ll also be absorbing a lot of information on your first day, and you can’t expect yourself to remember it all. Take as many notes as possible so you can study them later. Coming into your second day with a vast knowledge will impress!

It’s great to take the job and task seriously, but don’t forget to get to know the people you’ll be working with. Engage them in conversation when it’s appropriate. If conversation is a little lacklustre perhaps prepare a few easy conversation topics.

Don’t be too cocky. It’s great to be confident, but if you don’t know how to do something then speak up. Your colleagues and superiors will respect your honesty.

With these helpful hints your first day is sure to go well. Good luck!

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