Fast Track your Career

How to Fast Track Your Way to a Promotion

Further education will get you further ahead

The path to success is windy, with a myriad of bumps to challenge you along the way. Your career is built upon education and experience, with the assumption that the longer you spend at a particular job, the more qualified you are, waiting around and paying your dues until you make it to the bend in the road. This is where you can either; aim higher and grapple for that promotion, or your career could stall, keeping you in the same place for an indefinite amount of time.

A plateau in your career could be the push you need to strive harder to reach your goals. If you don’t have any career goals… set some! It will drive you to do better and achieve greater results.

A sure way to further your career is to further educate yourself. This will definitely give you an advantage when it comes time to applying for a better position, or if you are looking to climb higher in the company.

National Training offers online Diplomas, making the next step of your career easier for you. The courses offer an incredible amount of flexibility, with students able to complete courses in their own time. This means that you don’t need to put work on hold to further your career.

The most popular courses at National Training are business-based diplomas. That doesn’t mean you only need to focus on business. National Training also offer heaps of options when it comes to dual diplomas, which will increase your likelihood of getting ahead of your fellow applicants for that next promotion.

The Dual Diploma of Human Resources and Business is a great option for study, combining the vital elements of business awareness with Human Resources, a popular career option and a role that requires excellent communication skills.

This course ensures that you are qualified in record time, with the Dual Diploma consisting of 10 units. To individually study Business or Human Resources, you are looking at 9 to 8 units.

Invest in your future, and be confident the next time a promotion is up for grabs you haven’t left anything to chance.




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