Every industry needs Project Mangers

There are many vocational diplomas that you can undertake that can help you enter a multitude of different career paths. A Diploma of Project Management, however, is one of the best qualifications when it comes to transitioning between industries.

As the demand for fully certified project managers continues to grow year on year, it is clear that there are project management needs across a huge variety of industries. Sectors such as construction, engineering, community development and defence are all actively looking for reputable project managers. Moreover, both the public and private sectors are becoming more acquainted with professional project management skills and knowledge, indicating the importance and demand for the role across the board.

Studying a Diploma of Project Management
With the ever increasing demand for project management professionals across many industries globally, the Diploma of Project Management aligns with industry standards and the requirements of the workplace. From understanding the fundamentals of advanced project management, to obtaining industry-recognised certifications, a Diploma of Project Management provides you with the tools and concepts required to hit the ground running in your new career path.

What Career can I undertake?
It is incredibly rare for someone starting in the industry to work as a project manager right off the bat. The path taken usually starts as a business analyst, assistant in the project office, where you will be assigned a small portion of a larger project. Over time, you will be tasked with more project work, until finally you will be capable enough to handle an entire project on your own. This is a general route, however there are a number of places that you can take a Diploma of Project Management, such as:
● Project analyst
● Project coordinator
● Project scheduler
● Senior Project Manager

Where can I Work?
The impetus of project management is a successful project coming to completion. This aspect is something that is almost universally positive across industries, both domestically and internationally. The malleable and useful nature of managing a project professionally provides a unique level of transition between industries, a feat that is not often attainable in a career path.

Generally speaking, the field of project management is thriving, but there are a few particular sectors worth mentioning. Both the biotech and high-tech industries are actively seeking out qualified project managers, and they pay incredibly well.

At National Training we trained partners in a law firm in Diploma of Project Management, as they recognised that all the work they undertook was in essence a project and needed to be managed as such, deliverables, timelines, constraints, issues to be mitigated and managed, budget constraints, even post completion reviews.

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