Enter The World Of Logistics Through A Diploma

The demand for people skilled in logistics and management is on a steady increase. Acquiring a Diploma in Logistics gives you a diverse skill set that is flexible throughout many of Australia’s industries, and National Training is here to make you job-ready and competitive amongst your peers. By becoming a worker with this specific skillset your daily duties become a crucial link to the transportation, storage and exchange of goods that are apparent in every industry. By studying at National Training we keep you competitive by constantly updating the benchmarks to match global standards, giving you a huge range of opportunities to chose from. 

Why are students choosing to study Diploma in Logistics 

After completion students can move straight forward into the workforce after graduation, or even if you chose move on to study a Bachelors degree. The hands-on experience when engaging with practical projects and collaboration within a team is just one of the reasons why our students love studying with National Training. Our diverse electives will also teach you how to manage suppliers, a supply chain and people performance. Our Diploma of Logistics gives you the chance to learn how to develop a logistics team and manage one. 

What career options do you have

As a graduate of the Diploma of Logistics, you will have an abundance of opportunities waiting for you upon completion. A number of these jobs include; 

  • Production manager
  • Supply and procurement manager 
  • Customs broker 
  • Junior buyer 
  • Provisions clerk 

Why is National Training unique 

With an online flexible study plan, you can chose how and when you study with National Training. With our industry-specialist trainers we aim to give you the very best quality education, to make sure that you learn the practical skills of the job. At National Training you will learn how to lead and manager team effectiveness as well as manager personal and professional development. 

How can you get started

A Diploma in Logistics is an exciting next step. We’ve made it easy for you to enrol, in just a couple clicks. Check out the link below to get started. 

Diploma of Logistics TLI50219 – National Training

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