Double Your Chance of Success with a Double Diploma!

A double diploma allows you to study two subjects in-depth, leaving you with double the employment opportunities and knowledge. 

The future workplace is demanding more and more from the people they choose to employ. This means a double diploma will help you cater to the needs of your future employer with precision, making you a more competitive candidate for the job. Your increased value to your employers leaves you with more promising options and promotions once you graduate with a double diploma. 


With our online learning options, embarking on a double diploma has never been easier. The flexibility and diversity of online classes will allow you to better control your time. This means that enrolling in a double diploma can take less time than university degrees. Our crossover units will help you pursue your multiple passions under your time. 

Double diplomas further create a unique distinction from your peers, as tackling two interests make you a unique job candidate that sticks out to employers. Employers are always looking for people who reflect their interests in their skills. Tackling a double diploma shows that you are a responsible and committed candidate by undertaking double the interests. 

Double the diploma doesn’t mean double the workload, as many of our units crossover with other diplomas meaning you can undertake two Diplomas with fewer units in less time. A total of 16 units can be undertaken in less time than enrolling in two separate diplomas that total 21 units. This gives you a stronger understanding of both subjects and how they complement one another. This crossover better prepares our students to take on the workforce in a unique way. 

Double diplomas allow our students to achieve their dreams and get to their jobs faster. The value of double diploma candidates is evident in the workforce. To widen your horizons after graduation and ensure your success in chasing your dream job enlist in a double diploma over a single. Your future self will be thanking you. 

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