Double dipping that won`t get you in trouble.

Everyone frowns when you double dip your pie in the sauce or your biscuit in the pate. Luckily it doesn`t apply when you can study two diplomas at the same time.

But why would you want to study two Diplomas at the same time?

An excellent question, there are two reasons why you would consider this;

  1. Cost savings, generally it will save you at least $1400 when enrolling.
  2. Time savings in study workload. A number of units are common in a number of qualifications. This means you pass the subject in one qualification and receive a credit in the other.
  3. You still receive two years to complete.

Take the Diploma of Human Resources. The training package dictates that you are required to study 9 units to receive the Diploma o f Human Resources.

Now, if you added the Diploma of Business Administration you would only need to complete 3 additional subjects to attain this qualification because of the similarities in units studied. So, instead of studying 9 units in one and 8 units in the other totaling 17 units, now you only have to complete 12 subjects or units!

What is even better, if you time it right, when a dual promotion is on, you can sometimes get the second qualification for next to nothing.

Check out the current special deal, dual diplomas normally $5990, current special is $2850 for both. Expand your promotion and employment opportunities through Diploma Qualifications. The job opportunity as HR Manager, may include Business Administration skills as a desired capability, you will fit both.

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