Double Diploma

Why a Double Diploma Should be on Your Radar in 2020

Are you looking to stand out in the competitive job market? If so, have you thought about undertaking a double diploma? Many people don’t consider studying two qualifications at the same time, but it’s a time and cost-effective way to upskill in multiple fields. Whether you’re fresh out of school or in the workforce, a double diploma could be the pathway to your career goals – here’s why you should consider undertaking one.

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Check out our current specials!
  1. It will build your resumé

Having qualifications in a number of fields is always attractive to potential employers and recruiters. Dual competencies show that not only do you have a broad skill set, but you can also seamlessly move between different industries or areas as required. Undertaking two courses of study at once will also reflect personal traits such as strong work ethic, responsibility and commitment, which are important inclusions to any resumé.

  1. Increase your job prospects

Developing knowledge in more than one area can be achieved through a double diploma, providing you with skills and experience that can be transferred across a range of jobs. This will catch the eye of employers, who look for candidates that are multi-skilled and can adapt to the requirements of numerous business areas. Having a double diploma under your belt therefore opens up a whole world of new jobs that may not have been attainable with a single qualification.

  1. Greater flexibility

Undertaking an online double diploma allows you to find that coveted balance between work, study and play. The flexible and diverse nature of online learning means you can continue working as you upskill, and in some cases you may be able to personally create your own timetable to ensure study fits in with your busy lifestyle.

  1. Save time and money

Double diplomas provide the option for you to graduate with two qualifications in less time than it would take to complete them separately. You may even find that completing your double diploma won’t take much longer than a single diploma due to crossover units between both courses. Completing a double diploma is also kinder to your hip pocket than pursuing two separate qualifications, allowing you to become job-ready in less time and at a lesser expense.

If studying a double diploma is on your radar, make sure you explore our range of courses!

Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!
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