It Doesn’t Stop With Your Certificate

When you are looking to educate and train yourself with new skills that will lead you to a future career, there are always plenty of places to choose from. Whether you go through a university course, a TAFE, or another training institution, there are lots of ways to get the qualification you want. But the big question that everyone will always ask once you get your qualification is: what are you going to do afterwards? With your new certificate or diploma in hand, most people will anticipate that you will get a job straight out of the gates, but Australia’s job market can be hard to break into as a newcomer. Most schools and training organisations cease their support once you have finished studying with them, and it can be at a great detriment to your future prospects.

It is here that National Training truly stands apart from the rest. We know the difficulties that people face when they are trying to enter the workplace, particularly if it is in a sector or field that they have never had to navigate before. You are faced with all sorts of new challenges, from a whole different realm of co-workers and employers to having to learn how to navigate a completely new industry. Without guidance, picking your way through a new field can feel almost impossible, so it’s understandable that lots of people give up trying to find a new job if they aren’t getting the support they need.

At National Training, we understand the difficulties that you are going to face if you are looking for a career change, which is why we don’t stop our support the day that you get your certificate with us. Unlike other training organisations, we have always held to the belief that ongoing support is crucial to your success and, after all, your success is what we are here to help you achieve. Being left to fend for yourself in the aftermath of gaining a new qualification can be just as debilitating and confusing as not even gaining the skills you need in the first place, and will leave you completely disoriented in your search for a brighter future.

With National Training, once you complete your certificate or diploma, we won’t just leave you to fend for yourself. Alongside your training, we will help you figure out just where you should be looking to employ your new skills, keeping track of what is on the horizon, whether you want to move into bookkeeping and accounting or a leadership and management position. Making that jump to a new role always requires support, and we aren’t about to leave you in the dust.

If you are looking to make that change to a new career or wanting a bit of extra support when you try and tackle that new promotion at your current company, then there is no other choice but National Training. Alongside the comprehensive range of qualifications that we offer is our continual support in your job search, so you have the best chance possible at getting the future you have been dreaming of.

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