Diploma or Degree?

Are you deciding between a diploma or a degree? Wondering which one is better? The answer is a diploma! Here’s why…


Diplomas are a lot more affordable than degrees, which means that your learning won’t break your bank! At just a fraction of the cost of usual degrees, the value of a diploma to an employer cannot be understated!


Are you still working part-time or even full-time while you study? If so, then a diploma is the perfect choice. Diplomas are flexible! With a diploma from National Training for example is entirely self-paced, and completed 100% online – which means you make your learning suit your schedule! 

Completed faster.

Diplomas are completed in a much shorter time span compared to University degrees, which usually take upwards of three years. With National Training, you complete your diploma at your own pace, which allows you to finish up studying as fast as you like! 

Faster completion also means that you will be able to enter the job market faster!

So, if you’re thinking about whether to study for a diploma or a degree, consider a diploma! Check out the range of diplomas available with National Training here!

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