Diploma of Business

Fast track your career change and start working at your dream role!

Ever thought it was time to change up your life, and start working at that dream job you’ve always wanted to have? Now is the time to stop sitting around and merely wanting that certain type of job, and start taking action! The days of planning long term employment are very much long gone, and when you feel it’s the right time to switch jobs then you have no excuse.

Business has always been quite a diverse role, and many individuals have the desire to start their own business based on their current skills and attributes, that have been acquired overtime while working at their trade.  A skilled tradesman may have been working at his or her industry for quite some time, and he or she could very much meet all the requirements of starting their own business. Hatching a brilliant business idea is merely the first step to actually, going ahead and starting your own business. Certain procedures must be undertaken beforehand.

A career in business often requires quite a few procedures that must be seen through and these procedures can often take quite a bit of the employee’s time. An individual working in trade may not have all the necessary time to acquire the required qualifications, in order to start their own business.

Luckily Online RPL offers the necessary course, to fast track your career that ultimately contributes to making starting your own business a much less tedious process. With the Diploma of Business, one can learn all the necessary skills and attributes in a timely and efficient manner, due to the fact that our courses are quite short and provide all the necessary information that will help you understand the key fundamentals to running your own business. Thanks to Online RPL starting your own business is in your reach!

Considering the option of starting your own business is a great career and life choice. Online RPL is very much aware of this, and in result they have taken the necessary course of action, by allowing individuals that wish to peruse starting their own business, the option to reach out to their dreams and make it a reality. The Diploma of Business will provide the student with the necessary information of the techniques of general business management which includes developing a certain type of business plan, managing business units and projects and meetings. The student will develop all the necessary skills that are required in order to start running their own business.

Online RPL’s Diploma of Business mainly focuses on eight key competencies

  • Manage and plan conferences
  • Manage a variety of meetings
  • Manage business document design and development
  • Manage information or knowledge management system
  • Management personal work priorities and professional development
  • Manage recruitment, selection and induction process
  • Manage diversity in the workplace
  • Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements.

If this has somewhat sparked your curiosity, then you very much should take our free Online Skills and Review test, to see if you’re eligible for the Diploma of Business. It will only take ten minutes of your time.

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