Diploma of HR

Diploma of Human Resources is The Most Sought After Course of 2020

Human resources professionals are an important part of any company – not only do they stabilise businesses and provide recruitment services, but they also monitor employee wellbeing and relationships to ensure success and satisfaction. From expansion to ongoing training, human resources departments are at the core of all-important business practices.

A career in human resources can equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to work across a range of industries, both in Australia and abroad. Job Outlook data from the Australian Government shows it is a profession in demand too – strong future job growth is predicted over the next five years, while HR experts also receive higher than average weekly full-time pay

Regardless of whether you are already established in the industry or would like to kickstart your HR career, National Training’s range of diplomas can offer you the appropriate skills and knowledge for this sought-after profession.

Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!

Diploma of Human Resources Management

This nationally recognised qualification broadens your knowledge and provides you with the skills and understanding needed for a career in human resources. In anywhere between 2 to 24 months, you can learn how to effectively manage and support employees and their businesses.

Our Diploma of Human Resources Management covers three specialist areas to tailor your HR career, focusing on management and professional development, employment life cycle and WHS, HR relations and payroll.

Human Resources double diplomas

You can maximise your employment prospects by undertaking a dual diploma with National Training in a range of key areas. Combining a Diploma of Human Resources with a second study course broadens your skill set and opens up a new world of job opportunities. Explore our range of Human Resources dual diplomas below:


If you’re considering a qualification in human resources, now is the perfect time to enrol with our current special on a select range of single and double diplomas. Visit us at national.edu.au 

Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!
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