Death and Taxes

They say that the only certainties in life are “Death and Taxes”. One you can do something about, the other not. In terms of career opportunities management of finances including taxation continues to be a growth industry.

Traditionally both companies and individuals relied upon their accountant to provide the compliance and advice needed to keep the ATO (Australian Tax Office) happy. This has changed over the years where being an accountant or working in the accounting profession has become far more exciting and demanding.

Many career opportunities exist from part time bookkeeping thorough to specialist tax advice, offering the opportunity to specialise in a wide range of accounting services across all industries in different roles exists, or be part of specific projects.

A good example is the emergence of a ‘bid team’. Many medium and larger organisations now employ specialist groups to prepare their bids or tenders for future work. The accounting professional is an integral part of this team. They are required to understand a whole range of issues form preparing budgets, to risk management, to project management timelines, and much more. As we move more and more into a global economy, other factors such as exchange rates, legislation changes, and the true cost of money all play a part.

To move to careers in this field, a qualification such as the Diploma in Accounting, is an ideal platform from which to enhance your career or job prospects.
For more information, career options or pathways in the field of accounting or bookkeeping, click on; Diploma of Accounting


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