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A Day In The Life Of A Project Manager

A career in Project Management can lead you to a number of different industries and career paths, and this is what enticed Michael to carve out a career as a project manager in the IT sector. After enrolling in a business degree after completing high school, Michael felt underwhelmed about where his university course was taking him. One year into his degree, Michael decided to take a leap of faith and withdraw from his course. After completing work experience with his father, who worked for an international IT company, Michael realised that a career in project management was his calling; he then enrolled in a diploma in Project Management, which saved him considerable time and money opposed to completing a degree, and now works as a project manager for one of the world’s largest IT companies. This is what a typical day in Project Management looks like for Michael!

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First thing:

My morning routine begins with a process that is often called ‘eating the frogs’ within the industry. Let it be known that no frogs are consumed – this process actually involves responding to emails, notifications and any outstanding phone calls. I find that taking the time to sort through my inbox is crucial, as it allows me to work through pressing issues at the start of the day rather than letting them build up. After my first coffee of the day at around 10am, I continue to structure my day by planning for any pre-scheduled meetings I may have during the morning or afternoon.

During the day:

Rarely does a working day go by where I am not required to attend some kind of meeting or appointment! A typical meeting for me is often related to a project our company is currently working on, where I discuss any issues with other departments that are also involved in the project. It is great to meet with other parties involved to ensure the project is running on time and within budget constraints, and to address any emerging issues and draft solutions to solve them. I then report back to project stakeholders with this information via more meetings to ascertain whether the project is fulfilling their expectations.

End of the day:

After an hour long lunch break, I settle down at my desk to sift through my pile of work. I work through any remaining daily tasks that are yet to be completed, and ascertain and assign new tasks that are necessary for the current project to move forward and stay on schedule. Before I leave the office to begin my long commute home at around 5pm, I complete a final check of my emails and plan any tasks for the next working day.

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Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!
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