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A Day In The Life Of A HR Manager

A career in Human Resources (HR) comes with its challenges, but it is also a rewarding industry that allows you to sharpen your communication skills while striving towards the constant improvement of businesses.

This opportunity is what drove Samantha, a HR manager in the finance sector, towards a career in Human Resources. Samantha wasn’t exactly sure of what she wanted to do after school, but knew she wanted to utilise her people skills. After completing work experience with a number of companies in the finance and business sectors, Samantha decided to enrol in a diploma of Human Resources Management to expand her skill set and gain further knowledge that would enhance her career prospects. Now an accomplished HR manager specialising in recruitment and training, this is what a typical day in Samantha’s working world looks like.

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First thing:

My typical working day starts at 8:30am, when I arrive at the office (with coffee in hand, of course) and settle down to sort through my inbox. It is imperative that I check my emails and notifications first thing in the morning, as I often receive messages involving time sensitive matters that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. My morning routine also involves confirming pre-scheduled meetings, and scheduling new appointments with potential clients and employees.

During the day:

As my day wears on, it tends to involve meetings, meetings…and more meetings. I meet with everyone from other managers and company departments to clients and employees. These meetings could revolve around recruitment and staffing strategy, to performance reviews with employees who face discipline or termination.

The end of the day:

The afternoon stretch of my day could involve anything from more meetings to project work, recruitment tasks, preparing documents and reports and employee training. As I specialise in recruitment and training, an afternoon of work for me could involve interviewing job candidates, placing job ads on recruitment platforms, or drafting training programs for new or existing employees in compliance with legal and industry standards.

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Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!
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