Certificate IV Leadership and Management BSB40520

Duration: 2 – 12 Months, no pre-requisites required
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Elevate your career prospects or position yourself for promotion with a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management from National Training. This nationally recognized qualification equips you with the skills to excel as a manager, covering everything from team development to workplace safety and target-setting.

With industry-experienced trainers and a focus on practical applications, our program prepares you for the challenges of leadership roles. Study from anywhere, at any time, with our flexible online learning options that allow you to balance your studies with your existing commitments.

As an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) operating Australia-wide, National Training issues Tertiary Qualifications on a weekly basis. Take control of your career growth and enroll today to start your journey toward success with a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management from National Training.

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Benefits of Studying with Us

Self Paced Online Learning

100% online so you can study anywhere, anytime, you can learn at your own pace when it suits you. All materials are available from day one, many who are familiar with the work requirements often skip through the learning materials and get straight into the assessments, finishing in a few months.

Fast Turnaround

Enrol today, select your payment option, if payment notification is received during business hours, you will be enroled the same day. Next is your welcome email with login details to get you started. Submitted assessments are assessed within 7 working days. Your qualification will be sent via registered post within 14 days of completion. National Training delivers tertiary qualifications Australia-wide every week.

Specialist Trainers and Materials

National Training’s learning materials have been purpose built to support students that have a busy lifestyle. Leaner Guides are PDF’s (view online or print-off), assessments are word documents and there is no charge for resubmitting assessments.

Check out our Trainer Profiles here.

Course Units

Leadership skills

BSBPEF402 – Develop personal work priorities
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to plan and prioritise own work tasks. It also addresses the skills and knowledge to monitor and obtain feedback on personal work performance.

BSBXCM401 – Apply communication strategies in the workplace
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to facilitate and apply communication strategies in the workplace within any industry.

BSBLDR413 – Lead effective workplace relationships
This unit describes the skills, knowledge and outcomes required to use leadership to promote team cohesion. It includes motivating, mentoring, coaching and developing the team and forming the bridge between the management of the organisation and team members.

BSBLDR411 – Demonstrate leadership in the workplace
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to lead teams and individuals by modelling high standards of conduct to reflect the organisation’s standards and values.

BSBXTW401 – Lead and facilitate a team
This unit has a specific focus on the teamwork skills required for team leader or supervisor level (depending on organisational structure) workers with responsibility for others or teams.

BSBTWK401 – Build and maintain business relationships
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to establish, develop and maintain effective work relationships and networks through relationship building and negotiation skills required by workers

Implement plans and projects

BSBCRT411 – Apply critical thinking to work practices
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to use advanced-level critical thinking skills in a workplace context. This includes using methods of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

BSBTEC404 – Use digital technologies to collaborate in a work environment
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to understand the fundamentals of using digital technologies to collaborate in a workplace context, including working as part of a remote team.

BSBOPS402 – Coordinate business operational plans
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to implement operational plans by planning and acquiring resources, monitoring and adjusting operational performance and providing reports on performance, as required.

BSBOPS401 – Coordinate business resources
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to determine and analyse existing and required resources, their effective application and the accountability for their use.

BSBOPS403 – Apply business risk management processes
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to identify business risks and to apply established risk management processes to a defined area of operations that are within the responsibilities and obligations of the work role.

BSBWHS411 – Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to implement and monitor an organisation’s work health and safety (WHS) policies, procedures and programs in the relevant work area in order to meet legislative requirements.

Materials and Assessments

How do you complete your online studies at National Training?

  • The course is structured around learning materials (in pdf form that you can print out) and word document based assessments downloaded and submitted through our customised learning management system, Moodle.
  • You have access to all the learning materials from the beginning of your course, so you can work through them at your own pace.
  • You will be asked to answer short answer questions, case studies, and projects depending on the learning outcomes required for each unit.
  • Once submitted, your trainer will mark the assessment within 7 working days.
  • If there are issues, feedback is given, and you are free to resubmit. There are no additional fees for resubmission.
  • Once this is done, you move on to the next unit.

What support do you get with your study?

You are well supported throughout your course, with an industry specialist Trainer. You can contact your trainer via phone, Zoom or email, between Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (you can also book after-hours meetings) as you progress through your qualification, so you won’t feel alone. You can also contact National Training support staff when you need.

Career Opportunities

Management Job Roles

  • Coordinator
  • Leading Hand
  • Supervisor
  • Office manager
  • Team Leader

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