What Is Your Perfect Course

What Course is Your Perfect Fit?

With the number of jobseekers increasing, it’s important for you to find a career pathway that will stick.

The options can seem limitless, and sometimes you don’t know all the answers. Deciding on where you will take your future is a daunting experience, but it doesn’t always have to be set in stone.

In the past, people had to make massive choices the day they left school. Work or study, get qualified or get experienced, start your career or travel the world. But today, with online studying becoming the go-to option, you can choose it all!

National Training offers year-long diplomas and certificates specialised for a range of industries. The courses are all online, so you’re able to manage it around your life, whether that be a full time job or a gap year touring across Europe. At the end of the year, you’re given a fully recognised qualification that can help you jump into the workforce with ease. And no sky-rocketing fees; National Training has competitive prices that won’t have you paying off debts years down the track.

So if you’re considering studying online but not sure what, take a look at just a few of the courses on offer and see whether any of these stick.

For the digital lovers

In a digital-heavy world, it’s no wonder we are all glued to our phones, laptops and tablets. Social media pages and apps are on everybody’s fingertips, but if your love for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook surpasses the average consumer, a diploma in Social Media Marketing could be your calling.

For the natural born leaders

If you’ve dreamed of leading, then National Training can help you on your way to that dream position. The Diploma of Leadership and Management is a great way to start developing the skill to properly lead a team. Once you have the knowledge, you can use it to find the perfect methods for your future career as a leader.

For the people person

If you love working with people, there’s a number of courses suitable for you at National Training. A Diploma in Customer Engagement can get you working at the forefront with customers, or a qualification in Human Resources could have you recruiting and working with employers from all areas of the office!

For those who still aren’t sure

If you’re a little unsure about where you want to go with your career, you can pick a diploma or certificate that doesn’t limit your options. A Diploma in Business or Business Administration can give you the option to learn about the business industry in a way that you can apply to any field. Once you have an adequate understanding of the world, you can find a career, get your foot in the door and build your career from the inside!

A Little Bit About National Training

National Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) founded in 2006. Over the past decade we have successfully trained more than 8,000 students and achieved an enviable completion rate of 60%, which places us in the top quartile of all Australian online study providers. We currently offer the following nationally-recognised diploma qualifications (in alphabetical order): Diploma of AccountingDiploma of BusinessDiploma of Business AdministrationDiploma of Customer Engagement, Diploma of HR ManagementDiploma of Leadership ManagementDiploma of LogisticsDiploma of Project Management, Diploma of Social Media Marketing, and Diploma of Work Health & Safety.

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