What is Competency-Based Assessment?

National Training offers a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment that “is designed to meet the current and future competency development needs of new and existing personnel participating in a variety of work functions and activities within vocational education and training (VET) in Australia.”

But in order to foster competency development in the workplace, we need to understand the base level our employees are coming to the table with. This is where competency-based assessment comes in.

What Is It?

Competency-based assessment is simply the process of collecting evidence to make a judgment of whether or not competency has been achieved in a particular position of our industry. This judgment also assures that employees are equipped with the skills to meet the standards developed by their industry, nationally endorsed standards, or accredited courses.

What Evidence?

There are three types of evidence assessors use to examine the level of competence achieved. The first is direct, which is collected during observation. The second is indirect which may include formal testing and the third is supplementary which usually includes references from employers or even clients.

The Basic Process

All assessments will be slightly varied based on the sector they are being performed in, but there are general guidelines that all assessors must follow. First, they must understand the competency and training packages they are assigned. Then, they must understand how evidence is used in those packages. Third, they will select the assessment methods most appropriate for the situation. Fourth, they will execute the assessment. Fifth, assessors will have confidence in the assessment decision. And finally, they will document the process appropriately.

Now that you know a little more about competency-based assessment, don’t hesitate to contact National Training to find out more about our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


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