Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Our courses are here to ready you for the workforce!

National Training’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will provide you with all the necessary training you need to become a highly skilled and competent employee. Even if you enter a course with no knowledge in training and assessment, after just six months, you will be regarded as a professional in your field, making you stand out in the eyes of an employer.

Our course will give you all the skills and knowledge required, and is tailored to make sure you are fully qualified for the workplace. If you are looking to design and develop learning and training programs, then this is the course for you. Once completed, you will have the expansive skill set to make you shine in the workplace.

To make things even better, all National Training qualifications are eligible for government funding, meaning that if you fit the right criteria, you might not have to pay a thing. It might sound too good to be true, but with National Training, anything is possible.

With a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you could be up for a range of positions like:

  • Administrator
  • Enterprise Trainer
  • Enterprise Assessor
  • Registered Training Organization (RTO) Trainer
  • RTO Assessor
  • Training Advisor or Training Needs Analyst
  • Vocational Education Teacher

For more information regarding our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, please refer to the course page on our official website.

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