Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality – Warren Bennis.

Do you feel that you have this capacity? Do you see yourself as a leader? One who can take an idea from its early beginnings and turn it into something brilliant?

Leadership in the workplace is imperative to sustaining a functioning and successful business. Do you feel that you have the qualities that are necessary in order to lead a team of staff to that success? Are you outgoing, organized and an effective communicator?

Studies show that most business leaders feel it is important to have a mentor, someone who can continue to help them learn and prosper as a leader in the workplace. With the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management at National Training, you can advance on the skills you already harbor as a born leader, and ascertain valuable knowledge in order to take make your vision of becoming a leader a reality.

Over a course of 12 units, students will undertake classers in areas of management including:

• Effective communication as a team leader
• Leader a diverse workforce
• Show leadership in the workplace
• Lead effective workplace relationships
• Lead team effectiveness
• Build client relationships and business networks
• Address customer needs
• Implementing operation plans
• Undertake project work
• Analyzing and presenting research information
• Identify risk and apply risk management processes
• Identify and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements

National Training offers free scholarships to all students, and completion of the course results in receiving a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, sound like a good deal? This course is perfect for anyone who feels that their qualities as a natural leader have gone unrewarded in the past; the course is designed to nurture and excel your qualities as an effective communicator and problem solver.

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management will not only grant you the certification required to become a leader in the workplace, but also the confidence to back yourself as a pathfinder to success.

If this sounds like you, if you are a natural leader, which we all are to a certain degree, apply for a free scholarship in Certificate IV of Leadership and Management at National Training today.

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