Certificate IV in Bookkeeping

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At National Training, we know you want to be working in a field that you love, so we have tailored our courses to suit your needs. With time-efficiency in mind, we can get you fully trained in just a few months, to make sure that you are efficient and entirely competent for your future workplace.

Bookkeeping a diverse job and it can open up many new opportunities for you.

These roles require certain qualifications to make sure that you are ready to work alongside accountants and similar white-collar workers. These skills are essential to making sure you and your business excel.

Our course in bookkeeping can be completed in just six months, to make sure you can start your career sooner. We are ready to help you become a highly skilled, dynamic worker that is ready to tackle the workforce.

We are very aware of how costly educational training can be, so all of our courses are fully government funded, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money!

Acquiring a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping opens up a range of exciting job opportunities:
• Payroll clerk
• General accounts assistant
• Accounts receivable clerk
• Account payable clerk
• BAS agent

By the time you’ve finished your Certificate IV with us, you will have gained important skills like teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organizing, self-management, and learning and technology. All employers are looking for people with these skills to hire into their workforce!

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