Career growth is a strong possibility with a simple process.

OnLine RPL offers the necessary material to help you gain the right qualification.

Many individuals in the workforce are searching for way to further demonstrate their competency in their particular area of expertise.  They have the desire to ensure their career growth and gain qualifications to prove that they are very much competent in their field of work.

Scott Robertson, who has been working in senior management for many years, has made the decision to undertake one of OnLine RPL’s programs, to gain a diploma of management. Scott disliked the idea of studying for skills he already has, but at the same time wanted to gain a diploma of management, as owning a qualification helps in the competitive world. Luckily for Scott OnLine RPL, has the necessary programs to fast track his diploma and gain his qualification in a time saving and efficient manner.

“When I discovered the Online RPL’s program it was a no brainer.’’

-Scott Robertson, Diploma of Management participant.

Scott went through the simple process of identifying his greatest strengths in his field; he was then required to upload evidence of his skills such as workplace documents and other pieces of work he has worked on over the years, to further prove his competency and help point out that he already knows everything that is acquired to achieve the diploma.

Once these two simple procedures were undertaken Scott was required to attend a meeting with the national training assessor to make sure everything is in order and identify any gaps that need to be filled in, so he may be completely competent. Scott was pleased to have had walked away with a Diploma in such a short amount of time as well as potentially filling in any gaps that needed to be addressed.

“It’s also comforting to know, that if there are any gaps identified in my knowledge then the online learning material is also included in the process to ensure I complete my diploma.’’

-Scott Robertson, Diploma of Management participant.

OnLine RPL helps people like Scott, gain a qualification in a time efficient manner. So they can spend more time working and less time studying for something they already know.

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