Diploma of Leadership

What can I get out of a Diploma of Leadership?

Need to take that next step in your career but don’t understand how a Diploma could help?

The corporate world will see you forever climbing ladders, trying to reach that next rung in the race to the top. For many people it’s a gruelling journey, filled with hard work, determination and an incomprehensible amount of your spare time.

If there were an opportunity to skip a few rungs, would you take it? And no I’m not talking about nepotism. I’m talking about further education.

National Training provides nationally recognised Diplomas- that you can do from home.  Many of the courses are also 12 months, which means, while you’ll be busy working and studying one year, the next you could find yourself in a much more comfortable position- I’m talking big promotion.

Student Testimonials:

“Training covered all topics what I need. Simone very supportive. Checking assessments on time helped me to complete course quickly. Flexibility to complete subjects. Clear material” – Ranka
“Overall good topics were covered and the level of required work was at a good level where I felt I could complete the work an that I was learning new skills” – Robert
“The unit booklets were very helpful, so were the videos etc” – Marlin
More student reviews here.

National Training offers the Diploma of Leadership and Management, a 12-month course that will put you a stride ahead of the rest. So what can you get out of a Leadership Diploma? Well apart from a promotion, you will cover subjects like ‘Develop and use emotional intelligence’, ‘Plan and manage conferences’ and ‘Manage budgets and financial plans’. Try to think of anyone at your workplace that has knowledge of all three of those subjects? I thought so.

The broad range of subjects covered will make you an asset in any team, and this qualification could full well ensure you’re at the head of that team.

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