What can you achieve in 12 months

What Can You Achieve in The Next 12 Months?

Once again, the year has flown by, already hitting the middle of the year. And as we all ready our tax returns, the question stands: what have you actually achieved in the last 12 months?

While it seems to go by quickly, 12 months is a significant amount of time to be getting stuff done. Many big things can happen in the span of a year, so are you really taking advantage of that time?

In a high demand job market, you need to do things quickly and effectively. We all know a qualification isn’t enough anymore, we know a few years’ experience isn’t enough, and we know travelling for a year can seriously affect your job prospects.

So how can you use a whole year to get qualified, gain experience and do what you love all at the same time? Is it impossible?

Let’s take a look at two individuals who used National Training in two very different ways:

Kate is in her late 20s studying a Diploma of Social Media Marketing at National Training. Over her 12 month course, she’s also working as a receptionist for a company she hopes to grow in.

While she’s working, she’s had the opportunity to make connections throughout the business, forming relationships and bonds with big names including recruiters. While she studies, she’s getting the skills necessary for the job she really wants.

In 12 months, she’s been able to gain experience in office admin duty, build connections with big names as well as pass her marketing qualification. Now, she’ll be able to upskill in her already established career, without even having to switch companies.

Sam is in his early 20s and at a crossroads. He decides that he wants to take a year off to travel. His one concern though, is getting back into the working frame of mind after being on holiday for so long. As well as the worry that employers may not consider him if he’s out of work for a year.

So, Sam decides to take up a Diploma of Project Management while he travels. All he needs is access to the internet and a working computer, and he can both travel and study easily.

Because his diploma doesn’t have any set deadlines outside of the 12 months, Sam can study and complete assignments during his own time, and use his free days to wander through the best cities in Europe, gorging on local cuisine and meeting fellow travellers. Sam won’t have to dread his return back to Australia, because he’s got a ready leadership qualification.

12 months can fly by, but luckily for you, the digital world allows you to go through your life checklist easily If you’re someone who’s good at multitasking and who wants to say this time next year, I made the most of last year, then check out the online courses at National Training. Quick and affordable, you’re guaranteed to be proud of yourself next year.


A Little Bit About National Training

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