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How a Business Qualification Can Help Build Your Skillsets and Polish Your Resume

In the fast-paced world we live in today, the number of jobseekers is continuously rising, while the number of jobs available continues to remain relatively the same. With the competition at an all-time-high, one degree and a few month’s experience interning sometimes isn’t enough to get you noticed among the stacks of resumes piling up in the recruiter‘s “in” folder. Standing out isn’t a bonus anymore, but a necessity.

If you’re sifting through jobs today, or looking to find a career-move in your company, you’ll find most positions ask for a lot more from their potential employees. A few years’ good experience or a recognised undergrad degree might not be enough anymore. You may even find yourself sifting through vacancies for jobs that are combined roles (say a social media expert crossed with business administration officer). Unfortunately, this means you can’t expect to get by with a single set of skills, you’ll need whole lot of skills. This is where National Training comes in.

Not all of us have the time nor finances to complete two degrees. Not all of us can simply “learn on the job”, and not all employers want to teach you. Some of the most important skills in growing in a company, are business skills. Admin duties, IT and economics are areas of almost every company, so it’s beneficial to understand them. If your resume needs a few more skills to fill in, or you’re looking to broaden your prospects, it might be time to try out studying business online.

Studying a Diploma of Business at National Training means you learn the skills required in a business- focused world. Once you’ve found that dream job, you can then rest easy knowing you have the skills to grow in an office space, and even upskill in that company. Your studies and experiences in marketing, communications or journalism are definitely beneficial, but that topped with a keen understanding of finances and stats? You’re a no-brainer for the job. National Training’s courses train you in administration, statistics, consulting and leadership skills, giving you that great knowledge of the industry that will put your name well above the rest.

National Training’s qualifications start at affordable prices, so you can pay upfront without breaking the bank. The year-long courses can be done at your own pace and your own time, meaning you can juggle work and even travel with it. So don’t wait any longer, get qualified for a business-lead industry, and impress your employers.

To learn more about studying at National Training, check out their website here, and see what a business qualification can do for you.

A Little Bit About National Training

National Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) founded in 2006. Over the past decade we have successfully trained more than 8,000 students and achieved an enviable completion rate of 60%, which places us in the top quartile of all Australian online study providers. We currently offer the following nationally-recognised diploma qualifications (in alphabetical order): Diploma of AccountingDiploma of BusinessDiploma of Business AdministrationDiploma of HR ManagementDiploma of Leadership ManagementDiploma of LogisticsDiploma of Project Management and Diploma of Work Health & Safety.

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