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National Trainings end of financial year sale will further your career without breaking the bank


Business has always been a popular subject to study, in high schools, and through further education as a degree or diploma. It opens up a wide variety of career options and equips you with a firm grasp on the business landscape in general. You’ll be sure to find it in any article that lists the top subjects to study at university, or the most popular diplomas.

The fierce competition for business related positions in the workforce mean that you’ll be hard pressed to break into the industry without further education. Have you ever thought about getting into business? Don’t know where to start? Haven’t had the time or money for further education?

Now is the right time to get started, you can become business savvy in under 12 months. National Training is offering massive discounts on their Diploma, and right now the Dual Diploma of Business and Business Administration is more than 50% off its original price.

National Training courses are entirely online, enabling students to study when they have free time, regardless of their current work or family commitments. The Dual diploma was previously $7,900 but is now only $3,018 upfront.

Australia is renowned for it’s business education, as much of the content encompasses the Asia-pacific region, providing students with a global perspective.

Having not one, but two business degrees is sure to appeal to employers and ensure you are viable for a broader range of positions. The Business diploma and Business administration diploma share a number of subjects, therefore reducing your workload. You only need to complete 10 subjects to finish the dual diploma, as oppose to 8 subjects per diploma if you were to study them separately.









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