Best Project Methodologies

Which project methodology is best? The truth is every company, IT director and specialist consultancy group will have their own preferred methodology, it could be one of the new emerging favourites, such as Agile all the way through to traditional Waterfall Development. Almost every process improvement, new procedure or business change represents some form of project be it a major overhaul or a small fix up, they all focus on the desired outcome that forms the basis of a project.

You are unlikely to be skilled in all the emerging project methodologies, new ones appear every few months, Agile with Scrums, PYMBOK, PRINCE2, COBIT, ISIL, all the way through to Just in Time development, the list is endless. Important for you is to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of Project Management. Be it a Diploma or Bachelor qualifciation either way, you need a strong grasp of the basics.

Best for you is the IT director or Company HR policy will make sure you are upskilled to the terminology and process of their preferred methodology, critical for you is to understand the fundamentals of project management after that new terminology and practices, scrums, standups or one step delivery are all easy to embrace.

A Diploma of Project Management provides you with the basic’s to be confident in delivering any project.

Why choose a Diploma of Project Management?

Businesses are constantly evolving and improving, hence effective project management is necessary to create such improvements and achieve business goals within time and budget.  Which project management methodology is a circular argument with many strong opinions for and against, at the end of the day having a solid grounding in project management fundamentals is essential. The BSB50320 Diploma of Project Management allows you to effectively set and achieve business goals, delivering to identified expectations, managing project time, quality and cost, as well as managing project information and communication. 


What career opportunities do a Diploma of Project Management offer?

A Diploma in Project Management allows you to apply your skills across a wide range of fields. Some of these include:

  • Project manager.
  • Business analyst. 
  • Project Leader
  • Innovation manager. 
  • Risk manager.
  • Construction manager
  • Project cost manager. 
  • Operations manager. 

Why should I study with National Training?

National Training provides quality diplomas compliant with ASQA standards, developed by professionals and frequently updated with the latest industry skills and requirements. The diplomas are completely flexible – they are completed entirely online. These diplomas work with your schedule, it is 100% self paced learning, anytime, anywhere. National Training also allows flexible payment options to suit you! National Training’s Australian based instructors are highly experienced professionals, all ready to offer you their skills and support on your upskilling journey. 


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