Being a Student = These Savings!

Being a student today means having a good laptop or tablet is an absolute must, especially if you’re studying online. Whether it’s for copious amounts of studying or shopping or listening, everyone knows the necessity of the laptop at home. I

f the thought of buying a new device or subscription is already causing you financial anxiety, fear not – there are actually perks of being a student! If it’s finally time to update your high school computer, or you’re just bored of your current model or you’re looking for a new platform to procrastinate on, here is the much needed list of student discounts for tech right now.


Take advantage of your student status at Apple with their ‘Educating pricing program’. Just simply type up Apple Education or let a store know you’re a student and save up to $200 off your next device! You can save across the store on MacBooks, iMacs, iPads and accessories. 


If you’re more of a Microsoft kind of person, there’s plenty of student discounts to go around at Microsoft! Microsoft also has an Education Store on their website where students typically receive up to 10% savings on any desktop computers, laptops and tablets. When you purchase from Microsoft with your student discount, you also get free access to software like Office 365 (which usually costs about $100 for a year subscription). 


One of the great perks of Samsung’s student discounts is that it is also offered on smartphones, along with laptops, tablets and accessories. Samsung adds a 10% education discount to a range of their products, which can be used in combination with most other Samsung offers – meaning you could save up to 30% on devices with your student status! 


Don’t forget your student status also saves you money whilst listening! Enjoy unlimited music and podcasts with discounted Spotify Premium. Spotify gives students free Spotify premium for one month, then afterwards only pay $5.99 a month to forever banish ad interruptions, and to embrace offline listening!

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