The price of education

How To Battle The Price of Education

Let’s face it: education can be expensive. Although the wealth of knowledge and skills gained from studying will provide you with opportunities to gain money in the future, finding the money to invest into your education is not always easy in the short term. And if you are ineligible for government funding or scholarships, the options for education without an immediate investment of thousands of dollars is slim. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but sometimes you need to put off education to focus on earning now.

If you are feeling jaded over your options for entering university or TAFE, there are alternatives to investing in several years worth of debt or immediate payments. National Training offers courses with a variety of payment plans so you can focus on gaining the invaluable knowledge needed to succeed in your career.

You can choose between our monthly Diploma plans, starting at $197 per month, or our weekly payment plans starting at $45. Our 12 month courses ensure you get that first step toward earning the education you desire, while providing options for you to pay as you go, with no upfront payment. We also offer a 7-day cooling off period, with all costs (minus administration fee) refunded if you change your mind in the first week. As a bonus, if you do choose to pay off your degree before the end, you’ll receive a 15% discount on the remaining balance.

There are more options available than just University and TAFE. All of our courses and materials are exclusively online, with tutors available for remote contact, so your education can fit with your schedule. No longer do you need to put off education. National Training will give you the skills you need to succeed.


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