The Automation Takeover: Prepare now and keep yourself safe for the future.

As we progress further into the age of digitisation and automation, Australian jobs are increasingly at risk of being swapped out in favour of new technology and machinery. It is an unavoidable future, but one that you can try and navigate by skilling yourself in areas that cannot be replaced, for jobs that require a hands-on, human approach rather than one that can be tackled by rapidly developing machines.

In a recent report by the Foundation of Young Australians, it was found that 60% of young Australian students are studying for a career that will be replaced by automation and new advancements in technology, leaving them with a qualification but no way of doing anything with it. On top of that, an unfortunate 70% are already entering the workforce into roles that will soon be non-existent, and it is a tough employment field out there, with entry-level positions around the country rapidly drying up and depriving young Australians of the chance to pursue their careers.

These changes to Australia’s workforce have been coming for a while, with particular damage done to labourers, who have found themselves boxed out of the job market as automation and cleverer machines come into play. Advancements in technology have also made working from overseas an easier task, meaning many companies are outsourcing work to people in other countries, depriving people here of the jobs that they have been training and studying for. Whilst some people have been managing to keep up with the changes, it seems as though Australia’s education system hasn’t completely kept up with the shifts in the working environment, leaving many job seekers ill-prepared for the task ahead.

For those who are afraid of what the future might hold, the key to a successful career lies in following opportunities that automation cannot take from them, particularly positions that require an emphasis on people skills, management, and leadership. Earning qualifications with a focus on these areas will not only enhance your chances at establishing a career in Australia’s rapidly changing work environment, but will also help you in your everyday life, too.

National Training’s courses have been designed and developed with the future’s changes in mind, to make sure that you can feel safe in your chosen career path after you have undertaken studies with us. Courses like a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management will equip you with the skills you need to be a team leader and take charge in workplace situations in roles that don’t offer room for automation to take over. Despite all of the advancements in technology, science has yet to imbue human qualities such as leadership into machines, so jobs in management will stay safe despite the changing climate.

But if leadership and management doesn’t suit and you are still worried about what the future might hold for you, then you might want to consider studying a Certificate 1V in Work Health & Safety with us. Like being a leader, managing a safe workplace is something that is outside the control of automation, and is a crucial part to every single workplace, so employment opportunities in this area won’t be drying up any time soon.

These are just two of a number of qualifications offered by us that will keep you and your job safe and secure, even as robots continue their takeover.

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