Are You Ready to be a Leader?

Are you looking to become a leader in your field?

With National Training’s Diploma of Leadership and Management, you will learn the core skills that are necessary to enhance your business career, maximise business efficiency and create effective team management across a range of industries.


One of the main themes of this diploma is working with people. This means that over the duration of the course, you will develop and improve your interpersonal skills. This includes engaging in positive workplace relations, developing emotional intelligence and recruitment of staff. These skills cannot be understated in their importance to effective team management. Where a workplace has a leader with strong communication skills, and a capacity to engage with all colleagues across the organisation, the team is more effective and productive.

Organisation and problem solving is also a major component of being an effective leader in the workplace. Through National Training’s Diploma of Leadership and Management, you will learn how to manage budgets and financial plans, manage business operational plans, and people’s performance.

This course deals with broad areas of leadership skills, which makes this diploma applicable to a wide range of careers. Some of these include:

– Management roles in Government.
– Roles in the private sector.
– Legal practice manager.
– Motivation and coaching.
– Team leader.
– Logistics manager.
– Distribution centre manager.

Take a look at the Diploma of Leadership and Management from National Training today!

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