70% of Jobs Aren’t Advertised – Here’s the Secret to Finding Them

According to RMIT, 70 per cent of jobs are not advertised. That means that if you’re currently struggling to find a job through the traditional ways, you’re far from being out of luck. There’s one simple, invaluable secret to exposing these hidden jobs: networking.

Networking is connecting with a professional organisation and/or people. Networking allows you to get advice, information and even get access to job opportunities that otherwise may have remained hidden, making it incredibly important.

Here are our best networking tips:

Where to Find Them

The easiest way to start networking is to use social media. Make a list of the organisations you want to work for and search their employee’s page to connect with people in similar fields as yourself. LinkedIn is especially great for this, but also look at University alumni programs or attending industry events.

Be Prepared

Whenever you have a meeting, get coffee or go to a function that you plan to network out, you must be prepared. Remember, you want to make a great impression on these professionals, and there is no point attending a networking function if you obviously do not know much about that person/industry. Talk about the current industry trends, your future predictions, information on the organisation they work for. 

Be Confident

Practice asking questions on family/friends, look up questions to ask and have key talking points of conversation to ensure you use these meetings to benefit you. Every time you meet with someone, you’ll get more confident as you build your interpersonal skills. It’s important for your future career to push yourself out of your comfort zone, so just make sure you persist.

It’s always a great idea to send a follow-up message to whomever you meet with. And remember, people are always willing to help those who go out and make their own luck. 

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