7 Ways to Stay Organised as an Online Student

With National Training’s 100% online courses, your education has the flexibility to get completed on your schedule and in your environment. However, with that freedom comes some great responsibilities. It can be even more difficult to stay organized as an online student than it is in traditional study settings.

Here are 7 ways to stay organized, stay on track, and get that diploma!

  1. Pick a Spot

You don’t need to build a home office to get work done. However, having a space that is designated just for the time you spend on your course is key. Try not to keep too many distractions around and avoid using this space any time outside of study time.

  1. Keep Your Inbox Clean

Hunting through a billion emails from 10 years ago to find that new batch of learning materials is not only a pain, but it’s also going to eat up valuable time. Clear out your spam folders, promotions, and even the trash regularly. A clean inbox is a clean brain.

  1. Create Your Own Deadlines – And Beat Them

It’s easy to look at a 12 month course and start in month 11. But avoid the anxiety and create goals for what assessments you’ll complete when. Leave yourself some breathing room for changes to your schedule, but keep evaluating how far you’re getting along. You don’t want any surprises in the last month of your course.

  1. Take Breaks

Don’t work for more than 8 hours at a time if at all possible. Our brains just aren’t made to sit at a computer screen for that long. In fact, for every hour of work, recent studies have found that taking 8 minutes of that time to walk around, listen to music, or somehow decompress, make the other 52 minutes of that hour more efficient.

  1. Say No to Social Media

How many times a day do you open up your browser to do something and then get lost in facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? There are apps that allow you to disable access to these sites for an hour or even 24 hours. And then there’s always willpower. Mute conversations on facebook messenger and avoid getting into hashtag wars during study time. You’ll be more focused and have more time to flick through social media after.

  1. Use Bookmarks

Bookmark Merriam-webster.com, Wikipedia, and, of course, your cloud-based learning materials. Save yourself a little time typing into the address bar and flick right to what you need to start working.

  1. Try Working Out of a Notebook

I always feel like I get more done when I actually write it down. With a pen. And highlighters. Try printing out some of your learning materials and/or taking notes in an old-fashioned notebook. You might find that you retain more information that way.


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