6 CV Bullet Points for HR Managers

Applying to become a Human Resources Manager? Or maybe you’re already a Human Resources managerand looking to boost that CV? In either event, National Training’s Diploma of Human Resources can get your CV up to scruff. We give you the certification, but at some point it’s on you to communicate your certifications and qualifications to land the job.

So we’ve put together a list of the 6 things every potential HR manager needs on their CV (or at least needs to bring up during an interview).

  1. The Tact and Concrete Skills to Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

On your CV, make mention of any time you’ve helped to organize filling a position, interviewing others, assessing their ability to fit the role required, and/or orientation programs you have implemented to assimilate new members of the team into the office. In addition to the concrete skills you’re guaranteed to learn with National Training, you’ll also want to let prospective employers know that you can accomplish this with tact. Employment and induction can be a delicate process.

  1. The Organizational Skills to Develop and Manage Performance-Management Processes

This includes all professional development opportunities offered within your workplace or to your workforce from outside sources. These processes may be conducted with individuals or during group learning and all have one goal: to encourage furthering the efficacy of employee performance.

  1. The Cultural Experience or Openness to Managing Diversity in the Workplace

It is important to have an in-depth knowledge of both your company’s and standard diversity policies. Fostering diversity within the work team and promoting the benefits of a diverse workplace happen on micro as well as macro-levels. HR Managers need to demonstrate that this is a priority from that first interview.

  1. The Knowledge to Implement WHS Policies

Human Resource Managers are, first and foremost, responsible for the safety and comfort of the entire team. If you are unfamiliar with or uncertified in current WHS policies, your entire company is at risk. Demonstrate enough knowledge of WHS policies to meet legislative requirements and to promote a safe work environment.

  1. The Empathy and Knowledge of Precedent to Manage Employee Relations

Systemizing employee and industrial relations matters and/or implementing systems that are currently in place are key functions of all HR Managers. Being able to fuse precedent with specific situations is a key function of a great HR Manager.

  1. The Know-How to Manage an Information Processing System

HR Managers should be savvy with the most up-to-date information processing systems. They should both be able to use these systems efficiently and to teach others to use them.

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