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5 Things You Don’t Have To Compromise at National Training

Studying means a lot of compromise. At the end, you sacrifice a lot of elements to gain an education and land a job.

Why can’t all the other elements of our life be accommodated? Why can’t they complement your education rather than act as distractions? At National Training, we encourage you to maintain a balanced life.

These are 5 things you don’t have to compromise:

Family and friends

As a young adult, socialising is so important. These are your final years of fun and freedom. Keep your friendships active and functional. For those that have families, spending time together is a must. Keep your children close to you and develop those emotional bonds. After all, precious time that is lost cannot be regained!


In the past, it is has been one or the other. You had to choose either education or a career. They couldn’t be done simultaneously. Increasingly though, people are undertaking both. Stay ahead in your career and gain the experience you require. Upskill yourself and learn through a multitude of channels.


A lot of people compromise exercise in the face of education. Exercise keeps your mind and body vitalised. Its also the quickest method of to release tension and anxiety. As you exercise, endorphins are released and your serotonin levels rise. Maintain that happy and positive vibe you exuded!


Employers are looking to hire people that take a global rather than a national perspective to their tasks. Travel helps you develop social skills, language skills, money management and time management skills. It is also a form of education. Keep travelling and keep learning simultaneously at “National Training”.


Students rarely get any sleep. The stress of classes, assignments and other activities fill your days. You need sleep to excel and harness your creativity. Get those 8, or even 9 hours, a day and stay functional.

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