5 Professions Accelerating Post-COVID

COVID-19 has changed and shaped the future of work as we see it. With nearly 600,000 Australians losing their jobs in April 2020, the uncertainty of which professions are secure has been a question mark for many. However, as the pandemic grows into its second year, we’re beginning to see some key industries that are crying out for new workers. 

Here are five professions that are experiencing a post-COVID boom, so get your resumés ready!  

1. E-Commerce

The shift in consumer behaviour has seen a peak in online shopping. More people are turning to the world wide web to source products with convenience, especially when many of us have spent much of the past year at home and unable to access the shops. This has led to a high demand for E-Commerce specialists in the industry, so if you have the right credentials, you should definitely consider jumping into this booming industry.

2. Healthcare

It makes sense that healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the world right now. With a greater need for healthcare professionals who can work on the frontline, there exists exceptional job opportunities for workers to enter a field where you can really make a difference. 

3. Information Technology (IT services) 

Information technology fosters and develops business innovation to help increase productivity and more efficient processes. With digitalisation expanding at an exponential rate, it is important for companies to hire workers who have up-to-date knowledge on technology to stay relevant in business, especially as more employees are working from home. 

4. Cybersecurity

With online technology and remote work dominating most industries, data protection and privacy is more accessible than ever which has opened a window of opportunity for cyber hackers. This has inevitably led businesses to have a secure network with the highest level of security. 

5. Marketing/Content Creation

Digital experience and standing out from an influx of competitors can be hard, which is why marketing and content creation is a sought-out profession in the post-COVID world. Building customer engagement is the key to a successful business, so many companies are reaching out to marketers and content creators to help them find and secure their audience.

Whether you are looking for a new career path or want to add a new skillset to your resume, these professions won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Find out more about in demand industries with National Training. 

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