5 Crucial Skills That Graduate Employers Look Out For

Are you stressing because you didn’t achieve the straight A’s you’ve always desired? Or perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed because you’ve graduated not knowing what lies ahead in the future. While tossing your cap into the air may be relieving at first, the thoughts that come after have many graduates worrying about their next gig. That’s why we here at National Training have come up with the ultimate cheat sheet identifying the key skills employers look for when it comes to hiring recent graduates. 

1. Communication

Communication is key when it comes to collaborating with a team, listening to and following instructions, and inputting your point of view, hence why it is a skill that employers look out for and value. If you’re wondering whether you have acquired such an asset, know that the answer is yes as all of those dreaded oral presentations and group assignments you did at uni helped you gain communication skills. 

2. Teamwork 

Many people make up a company and for that company to function and succeed, everyone needs to work together. By showing your employer that you have the skills to be group-oriented, it shows that you’re willing to set aside your differences to collaborate for the benefit of the company. And while teamwork is important, hint that you are also good at working independently as well to show that you can complete your role no matter the situation. 

3. Leadership

I’ve been involved in several interviews throughout my working career and the number one question that comes to mind when it comes to leadership and collaboration is “are you a leader or a follower?” This is a tricky one to answer because you don’t want to come across as self-centred while at the same time suggest that you’d be the one to jump in an “I jump, you jump” scenario. Knowing how to be a good leader, supporter and follower is admired by employers, so it is crucial to understand all qualities of what makes a good team.

4. Innovation

As the world is constantly changing and new ideas and technology continue to be introduced, employers are on the lookout for innovative individuals who are willing to think outside the box when it comes to proposing new ideas. Innovation is a valued asset as it enables you to problem solve and think critically, which goes a long way in helping a team. 

5. Adaptability

This doesn’t just include adapting to change within the workforce but also adapting to the people you work with. Being a good cultural fit shows the employer that you’re willing to get on with anyone and everyone, while contributing to the success of the business. All aspects within a business change constantly and the ability to adapt to that shows that you are open to progress and new developments.

While you may not have all of these skills yet, being aware of them shows that you are willing to grow on your existing assets and establish new ones. By explaining this to future employers, they will see that you have the desire to learn, which in itself is something that they value. 

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