5 Careers you can have with a Diploma of Logistics

Are you a master of organisation? Do you enjoy solving complex and interesting problems? Are you willing to think outside the square?

If this sounds like you, why not explore a career in logistics and supply chain management? This exciting and innovative industry helps to keep the world moving in an organised and efficient manner. From managing logistics programs to designing new supply and demand systems, every day in the logistics industry will be different.

A Diploma in Logistics from National Training is your pathway to a career in this enticing industry. See where your diploma can take you with these career options!

Transport planner

Improve the way the world works with strategy and future vision. Your expertise will be used to enhance current transport and mobility systems, while examining how new developments or projects will fit into existing structures.

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Procurement manager

As a procurement manager, you will sit at the epicentre of your company’s sales, service, inventory and logistics operations. You will help to build contractual agreements with suppliers, working together to improve the price, service and accountability of goods.

Logistics director

These crème-de-la-crème roles are concerned with the movement of materials, goods and information. The best part about logistics roles is that you can have great career movement – you can work your way up from manual or administrative positions to reach management and directorial roles.

Supply chain solution design analyst

Supply chain careers are becoming increasingly in-demand among young professionals. It is not hard to see why – these roles require you to analyse a company’s current supply chain operations, before designing solutions that improve performance and efficiency.

Project manager

The great thing about project management is that you can work across a variety of industries, but those who settle in supply chain management and logistics are afforded interesting career opportunities. You will often be working with larger companies and enterprises to help create and drive their logistics services.

Does a career in logistics sound like the right fit for you? National Training’s Diploma of Logistics is the perfect course to develop your career potential. Save on study by checking out our current specials today.

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