5 Careers you can have with a Diploma of HR

Are you a people person? Do you love organisation? Are you ready to work across a multitude of industries?

A career in Human Resources may be the perfect fit for you. Working in HR gives you the opportunity to utilise your people skills, allowing you to create and collaborate on initiatives that improve the intrapersonal relations of a business. You can also employ your organisational skills to help implement operational structures that help a company run more smoothly.

The Human Resources industry is booming like never before, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for employment. A Diploma of Human Resources from National Training can give you the skills and knowledge you need to propel yourself head-first into a career as a HR professional. Not sure which path to follow? Here are some potential career options.

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Human resources manager

If you want to combine your people skills with high level organisational responsibility, this role may be of interest to you. As a HR leader, you will be coordinating and managing a range of administrative activities, from hiring processes to employee benefit programs. It will be a role involving plenty of person-to-person interaction and lots of balancing between different responsibilities.

Human resources consultant

Want a career that involves variety, independence and an attractive salary? HR consulting offers all this and more. You can lend your expertise and experience to companies who choose to outsource their HR functions, giving you the freedom to choose who you work for, when you want to work and how much to charge.

Training manager

This is the perfect role for human resources professionals who want to train and develop personnel across a variety of companies and industries. Training managers spearhead the development programs of businesses, designing coursework for employees that is engaging, informative and relevant to their company’s educational requirements.


Who said entrepreneurs can only deal in business? There is a wide market for those who want to begin their own HR consulting business or want to start up a headhunting firm. It is also a bona fide way to make some serious money, presenting a lucrative option who those with a strong business bent.


If you are passionate about finding the best talent to fill the most in-demand jobs, then a career in recruitment is for you. As a HR recruiter, you will be tasked with finding and filling job openings across different career levels. You could work at a business or enterprise as a recruiter or take on added responsibility by moving up to executive recruitment, where you will be in charge of filling high-level management roles.

Want to kickstart your career in HR? Look no further than National Training’s Diploma of Human Resources. You can gain an industry-certified qualification at a steal of a price with our current specials – find out more.

Current Specials.
Check out our current specials! 


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