Diploma of Accounting

5 Careers you Can Have With a Diploma of Accounting

Love numbers? Want a fast path to your dream career? Do a DiLove numbers? Want a fast path to your dream career? Do a Diploma!

Some people are inclined towards literary ambitions and some are inclined to work with numbers, if you’re the latter then you may want to keep reading.

Accountants are well known for their skill with numbers, and the profession itself is highly regarded. What people don’t know if that it could take as little as 12 months to become a qualified accountant. National Training could be your gateway into the world of accounting, opening up doors to a range of career options. As an accountant you are required to find and implement solutions for a variety of problems as well as analysing and evaluating data from varied sources in order to improve the financial position of a business or company.

The industry is growing and the time to jump headlong into a career in accounting is now. The roles are numerous with options to specialise in different areas.

These are 5 of the top careers a Diploma of Accounting can qualify you for… 

  1. Financial Services Manager

A financial services manager is a senior member of the team. They ensure the performance of the financial services team meets the projected expectation. This is a supervisory role in which you will be required to monitor trends in workflow and schedule shifts for the financial services team. 

  1. Bookkeeper/ Accountant

A bookkeeper is responsible for developing a system to account for finances and transactions. The position will require you to maintain accounts by verifying and allocating transactions as well as balancing subsidiary accounts. An accountant is similar, their duties involve preparing account entries for assets and liabilities. They document financial transactions much like bookkeepers.

  1. Tax Agent

A tax agent, also known as a tax accountant, is responsible for collecting information relating to tax, reporting to taxation authorities at different levels; federal, state or local. They advise managerial staff on the tax impact of corporate strategies.

  1. Accounting Team Supervisor

An Accounting supervisor is exactly what you think it is. They oversee the accounting department. They supervise staff, maintain records and assist other staff with audits.

  1. Assistant to CFO

The assistant to the Chief Financial Officer first and foremost supports their superior with a range of tasks. They oversee reporting and financial management side of the company.

 So, what are you waiting for? If everything adds up, start now!



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