5 Can’t Miss Interview Tips

After you attain your certification or diploma from National Training, you are going to be inundated

with interviews. That first impression means a lot! Here are a few tips to help you package all of that

knowledge and experience you’ve gained with National Training into a beautiful first impression

that’s guaranteed to land you the job.


1. Dress for the Job You Want…

… not the job you have. There are different levels and types of professional attire. Know

your industry and emulate what thought leaders in your field wear. And make sure you’re

comfortable! There’s no more telling body language than someone fidgeting because they’re

not used to wearing a certain fabric or style of shoe. Find a happy medium between dressing

for the job you’re interviewing for and comfort.


2. The Entire Company is Interviewing You

Be nice to the receptionist. Hold the door open for employees walking past. No man is an

island and this is, potentially, the team you’ll be working with. A lot of applicants impress the

hiring agent without stopping to consider the colleagues around them. Make a fantastic

impression on others in the building. It could be the difference between being short-listed

and getting the office.


3. Arrive on Time

Being even five minutes late can be disastrous for several reasons. First, sometimes the

hiring agent is running ahead of schedule. Second, the hiring agent knows that the interview

is likely to be a sample of you at your best. If you’re even a little late, what does that say

about your usual level of commitment? On the other hand, try not to be more than a half

hour early. This can make it look like you have nothing else going on outside of that



4. Ask Questions

There is almost always a section towards the end of the interview when you’re asked if you

have any questions. Hiring agents know that candidates with a genuine interest in the

industry and its inner workings are much more likely to be worthy investments for the

company. Do your research. Don’t just read up on the company’s home page. Read their

blogs and press releases so that these questions can spark conversation.


5. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

Thank the hiring agent with a firm handshake after the interview. Be polite to everyone you

meet on the way out. Follow-up with a thank you e-mail the next day. The e-mail is

particularly important, because it opens up a dialogue between yourself and the hiring agent

for clarifications on any points brought up in the interview. It also keeps you in the forefront

of the hiring agent’s mind.

Best of luck on your next interview!


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