4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Ahead at Work

If you’re putting in long hours at your job and still struggling to move up, going into the office everyday can start to get a bit tough, and you’re likely feeling disheartened. You might not want to admit it, but you could be sabotaging your own career without even realising it. Here are four reasons why you might not be getting that promotion you’re after.

  1. You’re not taking initiative

Have you figured out a different approach to a project? Noticed something in the office functioning at an unsatisfactory level? If you’re the first in the office to point it out, then take the chance to try and come up with a solution. Anyone is capable of documenting a problem, but not everyone can come up with an adequate solution.

Working with others to come up with a way to solve the problem will show that you can take initiative, and also prove you have a true interest in the business. Taking that extra step will show your superiors that you have a vision for the workplace.

  1. You’re working hard but not smart

Long hours are one thing, but is it really paying off? Just because you’re spending a long time on a project doesn’t mean it is going to be any better than it was if you had done it in half the time, especially if you’re just working to add content. Quality over quantity remains crucial in the workforce, and if you approach projects in a smart, tactical way, you can complete your assigned tasks in half the time and to a much higher standard.

Figure out how your boss approaches a new task and try and apply it to your own work. The outcome will probably be an improvement from your usual work and will certainly stand out to your superiors.

  1. You can’t adapt to new situations

Businesses are constantly changing and if you can’t make the necessary shifts, your employers won’t be prepared to offer you a position with more responsibility. It’s important that you know how to adapt to changing climates, both in the production of your work and the office politics.

If new changes are being rolled out on the office floor, don’t complain. Learn the new skills and adapt to the changing surroundings, and your bosses will see that you’re capable of taking on new projects.

  1. You’re not making yourself known

Asking for a promotion or a raise can be an intimidating thing to do, but if you truly think you deserve to be recognised, then take the challenge on yourself. Arrange a meeting with your boss and come prepared with plenty of evidence that shows just how capable you are in the office. Whilst your boss has been looking for people to move into a management position, it might just be that you haven’t been on their radar.

Standing up for yourself will also prove to your boss that you’re willing to have tricky conversations and take initiative in the workplace, and it will also ensure they remember your name.

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