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3 Reasons Why Online Study is The Way to go!

Choosing to go back to study is a big decision in itself, but figuring out how you’re going to schedule it into your busy lifestyle can be even more daunting. With its flexibility and diversity, online study may be the perfect fit for you – find out three reasons why you should ditch the classroom for web-based learning.

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Check out our current specials!
  1. Flexibility

Attending university classes on campus just isn’t a viable option for some of us. Between work, family and life in general, it can be difficult to squeeze in time to commute to and from university classes. Online courses provide the convenience that on-campus study just doesn’t have, allowing you to learn from whatever corner of the globe you find yourself in (internet connection permitting, of course).

  1. You set the pace

Typical university semesters or trimesters follow a rigid schedule, requiring you to complete pieces of work by strict deadlines. However, online study takes away this pressure by letting you set your own learning pace. Many online courses allow you to complete your units in whatever amount of time it takes you – that could mean taking one subject at a time to fit in with your lifestyle, or accelerating your progression by increasing your study load.

  1. Saves you time and money

Completing a standard university degree locks you into at least three years of full-time study and a HECS debt worth tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, online courses can save you both time and money with their flexibility and cost-effective fees. Studying online can also free you from all the little expenses that add up over time had you attended university on-campus – think public transport or petrol costs for your commute there and back, textbooks and even that daily coffee at your favourite campus café.

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Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!



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