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3 Reasons to Complete the Diploma of Project Management

Do you already have a degree? Do you have years of experience? Looking for that promotion? Looking to get the skills to get it? If you are looking to get upskilled “National Training” has your back.

  1. Learn an Essential Skill

Project Management is essential in all types of industry; be it, big or small. If a business needs to transform, modify or improve a stage of its projects and it has to be completed to everyone’s expectations. Our industry experienced trainers and personalised course materials can help you absorb the theory and practice quickly.

  1. Study online

On top of all our brilliant materials, study online! Balance your family life, employment and business. You do not have to compromise any of this at “National Training”. You have constant access to our industry experienced trainers that can point you in the right direction if you are struggling. Your success is our priority. We provide all the support you need to transition into study.

  1. Learn from a variety of project methodologies

There is a variety of project methodologies that can leave you isolated or redundant as another style becomes popular. National Training’s “Diploma of Project Management” provides you a sound understanding of the fundamentals. You should be able to operate in any methodology such as Pymbok, Prince2, Agile, COBIT and ISIL. Get a solid base of the fundamentals before you become locked into a “preferred” methodology.

A Little Bit About National Training

National Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) founded in 2006. Over the past decade we have successfully trained more than 8,000 students and achieved an enviable completion rate of 60%, which places us in the top quartile of all Australian online study providers. We currently offer the following nationally-recognised diploma qualifications (in alphabetical order): Diploma of Accounting, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Business Administration, Diploma of HR Management, Diploma of Leadership Management, Diploma of Logistics, Diploma of Project Management and Diploma of Work Health & Safety.

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